"I would just like to thank Dave Goldstein for being such a kind, caring and nurturing teacher towards me when learning to drive on the road. Every lesson was enjoyable and relaxed. He was patient with me every step of the way and I would not be where I am without him. Yesterday on the 22nd of August (on my birthday) I passed my Drivers license for the first time and on my birthday, thanks to Dave. Dave calmed me down before my drivers test, and said that I'll be fine and I will get through it easily. We went for coffee beforehand and it really helped me release tension from within myself before the test. He had so much confidence in me. I will never forget how good of a teacher and person he was. He is definitely the best and most experienced instructor in Cape Town. Thank you so much Dave and Driving Coach!"



"When I arrived in Cape Town from France, I needed to be able to drive but I had no experience of South African roads regulations. I got in touch with Hilton and after only a few lessons I passed my learner license thanks to his advices and his trainings. I then quickly started to practice and to improve my driving skills with Hilton and Edwin in order to pass my K53 driver license. They gave me a lot of confidence and they taught me the things that I needed to know to pass my test. Thanks to their competences, I passed my test on my first attempt in Goodwood, only 3 months after my arrival here! Thank you again!"



"I just wanted to pass on my heartfelt thanks to your team especially my coach Albert. With his help and guidance I was able to pass my driver's test on 16 february 2012. He is a great teacher..he is patient and makes you feel at ease as he is willing to go the extra mile with his clients. Most importantly, I always felt he was honest with me in terms of whether I was ready or not. I am extremely grateful to him and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs to gain the skill and confidence to pass their driver's test"


Fiona Eadie

"A HUGE THANK YOU for taking Chelcie on the last driving lesson ! It did the trick as she passed her drivers test today at Hillstar !! 5TH time lucky! A big Thank You to everyone !!!"

Karen Jennings
"I want to take this opportunity to praise my instructor, Shafiek Moses. I had driving lessons about 7 years ago with another instructor (from another driving school). I found the experience so awful that I didn't touch a car again. The mere thought of driving filled me with panic and caused me sleepless nights. I had my first lesson with Shafiek on 4 December 2011 and within half an hour I was already driving around the streets! He is a quiet and patient instructor, but he is also a good judge of character and he recognised when I needed to be challenged. Yesterday I passed my driver's test and it is all thanks to Shafiek. I can't recommend him highly enough! He is the best!!!!!"
John Louw
"I'd just like to give you some positive feedback on my experience with my instructor, Anthony. He was extremely competent, calm and really knew his stuff. His positive attitude and encouragement was a big help and allowed me to pass my test on the first try - I believe he is a real asset to your company."
Shane Joseph
"Albert really put 100% into assisting me, he is efficient, patient and effective in his instructing. I did both my learners as well as drivers through Driving Coach and both I have not been disappointed with. After having done my lessons with Albert, I was 100% confident and I have tried and tested other driving schools, non of which can be compared to Driving Coach. I will definitely be referring your company in future, specifically Albert."
Hi to all aspiring drivers!

I have had more than my fare share of driving lessons. By the 3rd time i had failed, i decided to change my instructor and got in touch with Brian from Driving Coach.
As an experienced learner driver,I knew what i wanted out of an instructor. I had been driving pass the practice yard in Goodwood and witnessed Brian instructing a learner...that was when i decided to contact him.

As one of his students, i can attest that he is a real professional, that he was positive in all aspects of my coaching process and that more importantly he inspired me with his enthusiasm.
Today, i finally got my licence and it was such a special experience to have him share that moment with me. I will definately recommend Driving Coach to anyone that is serious about getting their license.
To Brian, i want to say a BIG THANK You!!!! To those who succeed - well done to you and your coaches. And finally to those who are still trying i want to say, just remember that "Winners never quit and those who QUIT never win"!!!! You can do it.

Kind regards, Riana
Hi Estelle
Thank you for your time. I absolutely love The Driving Coach because it instills so much confidence in its students. I look forward to my lesson on Tuesday!

Hi there,

I just want to say thank you to Driving Coach for making it possible to obtain my drivers licence. Your teaching methods are really great!

I wish to make a special mention of my coach Denzil. He worked really hard to get me through. He is vary patient and I would recommend him to anyone.

Again, thank you.

Kind regards,
Hi Estelle

My daughter has already posted her joyful response to her newly acquired driver's licence via your website, so I'm sure you will all be able to read it on the site shortly.

My husband and I would also herewith just like to express our sincere gratitude for the way in which the Driving Coach conducts its business and for employing such efficient and highly-motivated coaches. These days it is by no means easy to pass one's driver's licence and it was certainly refreshing to find a company that prides itself on specializing in coaching for nervous drivers.

We have only the best to say about David, as he came through for both our daughters, one being of a very nervous disposition and the 2nd one suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. He even managed to instill confidence in us as parents. Without him we most probably would have simply given up and our daughters would not have accomplished being the able and confident drivers they are now.

Today was a highlight we will not easily forget. Thank you David and The Driving Coach for being there every step of the way and for helping our youngest daughter Tehani achieve success with her driver's licence test!

Warm regards,

Kenny and Letitia
Linlee! We thank you for your patience and help in me passing my licence. Your calm manner gave me confidence and made the whole lesson a happy one, and I will recommend you to future motor cycle riders.

Regards Siggy

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