Get your Driver's Licence
You’ve taken the first step and now have your learner’s license. Now let’s take it further. Here we cover the fun practical side of getting you ready for your driver’s test.

So what is the procedure?
By now you are very eager to start driving. Let us now talk you through booking your drivers test. The waiting period could be anything from 1 - 3 months!
  • Go to your nearest testing station to book an appointment
  • Or call us! We offer a special service where we personally take you through to a testing station!
  • Take along your ID, R135 (This may increase), 4 ID size photos and your learner driver certificate
  • Report at a marked window or go to the reception and ask for advice if you are unsure
  • Fill in a form, go for your fingerprints and your eye test
  • This may take anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending how busy the traffic department is!
  • Remember your drivers test date
  • Now Contact Us to arrange driving lessons!
  • Check out:
Unsure about where these traffic departments are situated, click here for a complete list of Western Cape testing stations.
Why us:
We will COACH you through the driving process to achieve rapid practical results. We utilise Life Coaching skills from NLP to assist in keeping it calm, relaxed and fun, helping you to get the maximum benefit from your training. We have also combined some Advanced Driving Techniques to ensure that you not only get your driver’s license easily, but that you become a safe and competent driver. As a member of SAIDI (South African Institute of Driving Instructors) you can be sure of excellent service.
We offer Driving Coaching rather than Driving Instruction for two fundamental reasons:
  1. We believe that most people inherently can drive, but need to learn how to handle their nerves.
  2. We've combined Life Coaching with Driving Instruction to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of the training.
So, this training is for anybody who is serious about getting their drivers licenses or for anyone who wants to learn to drive easily and effortlessly.
Remember that becoming an experienced driver takes a lot of driving time in all types of traffic situations. This can be very stressful for a learner driver, but you will find that stress and aggravation from driving in traffic can be minimised if you have the right approach and attitude.
Remember to always exercise courtesy!
We also do driver's licence courses for Motor Cycles and Truck drivers.

: We will help you pass your Code 10 truck K53 Learners and Drivers License with experienced K53 instructors as effortlessly as possible.

: Our dedicate K53 Motorbike Coach will guide you through passing your K53 Learners and Riding license in the quickest and effective way possible.

What our students are saying ...

"Linlee! We thank you for your patience and help in me passing my licence. Your calm manner gave me confidence and made the whole lesson a happy one, and I will recommend you to future motor cycle riders."

"Thank you for your time. I absolutely love The Driving Coach because it instills so much confidence in its students. I look forward to my lesson on Tuesday!"

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